External Lookups from ERP to IIS


External Lookups from ERP to IIS


Customers can generate direct links to specific vouchers in IIS. These links will take the users to the IIS login screen, and after that directly to the requested voucher in the archive. It is also possible for the lookup to include a username and password, to bypass the login screen. This functionality is typically embedded in ERP systems, so that accountants can easily go from a posting in the account to the voucher in IIS.

To generate such lookups, you need two ID's:

1. Accountingreference: voucher number (bilagsnummer) - a sequential number added to the voucher by Ibistic when transferring to the ERP system.
2. Accountingunitid: An Id that represents the company / accounting unit. This is an internal Ibistic Id (Guid) that will be given to the customer upon request. (This parameter may be omitted if the user only has access to one site, i.e. no portal)

An example of an external lookup URL is given below:


To generate these kind of links you will need to insert the two IDs above in the corresponding query parameters in the above URL. The above link should function correctly, assuming 1. correct accounting unit ID was embedded in the link 2. accounting reference number (bilagsnr) exists and 3. the user who performs the lookup is logged in when clicking the link. The user should have the setting "Invoice Lookup (external)" / "Eksternt oppslag" enabled in settings, in Offices and Users:



Deep Links

For documentation how to do deep link lookups, please refer to this article:




Lookups with username and password

It is also possible to submit a username and password to the lookup url, to avoid having to enter a username and password. This is a generic user that should only be used for this purpose. Contact Ibistic support to generate such a user.

To submit these credentials to the url, you need to perform a HTTP-POST operation. This means that this information cannot be embedded in a single url; you need to create an application or webpage that performs this post operation. The document that must be posted to the system is as follows:

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8 ?>
<session xmlns = "http://ibistic.net/icp/session/statetransfer/2003/10">

Please note that the document must be exactly as shown above and correctly encoded as utf-8. The texts username and password must be substituted by the credentials you get from Ibistic Support.

Demo / example script files atttached to this article:
• lookup_interactive_public.html - an interactive web for using JavaScript to generate the necessary HTTP POST.
• lookup_public.html - a web page using JavaScript to translate HTTP GET to HTTP POST (to be used when host system cannot generate a POST)

Link to the file with the following querystring:


Where 000000 is the document accounting reference (bilagsnummer), ii@xxxxxx.com (for example) is the username to the external lookup user ("Ibistic Integration" typically) in each accounting unit and yyyyyy is the password for the user you perform the lookup through. The user should have the setting "Invoice Lookup (external)" / "Eksternt oppslag" enabled in settings, in Offices and Users

Disclaimer: Lookup functionality where username and password is submitted through scrips is not something Ibistic generally supports or recommends, but is an option we are currently providing based on popular request. As a result, we do not guarantee service up time, and the feature may be even be changed or removed in the future. Lookups in this fashion are done on customer's own risk (security wise). The scripts must be maintained and developed by the customer themselves. Due to security reasons, Ibistic recommends the customer uses HTTP-POST directly from the ERP system, instead of sending username and password through HTTP-GET to local lookup.html