Single Sign On - ADFS integration


Ibistic is usually accessed through usernames and password. To help IT departments simplify their environments and lower support cost, Ibistic also offers access to the web site through Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, from how on referred to as ADFS.

After ADFS has been set up for an enterprise, customers access Ibistic through a custom link to Ibistic’s servers. This link will redirect the browser to the customer’s internal ADFS server. This server will, explicitly or implicitly, authenticate the user against the domain and post a signed message back to Ibistic with information regarding the user. The user’s browser will be automatically redirected back to Ibistic and the platform will trust the information received from the ADFS server and let the user in to his or her account without any further authentication.

For the users this can be set up to be completely transparent. They click a link on e.g. a company intranet and automatically get into their Ibistic account without any password or other information required.

The document attached provides all the necessary details your IT department needs to set this up.

The price for configuration on Ibistic side is 5000 DKK (first time implementation), and 2500 DKK for update of expired or changed certificates, ref. price list.