Price List Ibistic


Price list for implementation of additional modules and billable services


IP lock
Customer type: Enterprise
Fixed price: 5 000 DKK (implementation)
Description: Blocks logins beyond certain IP-addresses [more info]


Single Sign On - ADFS integration​
Customer type: Enterprise
Fixed price: 5 000 DKK (implementation) / 2 500 DKK (update of expired certificates)
Description: To help our customers with simplified login procedure, Ibistic offers access to the system through Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (single sign on)​, also known as "ADFS".​ [more info]


Auto-transfer invoice (with supplier filter)
Description: Auto-transfer of invoices after approval. The customer may themselves activate / deactivate this function on need basis, and filter on which suppliers auto-transfer should apply for.
Fixed price: 2500 DKK (configuration)


Customer type: Enterprise
Fixed price: 10 000 DKK
Description: Duplicate control and control of supplier at arrival of invoice, plus any additional validations [more info]


Corporate Reports
Customer type: Enterprise / Multiple accounting units in one portal
Fixed price: 5 000 DKK
Description: Setup of a corporate reports site, where you may extract reports applying for all the accounting units in the portal. [mer info]


Customer type: Enterprise
Fixed price: 25 000 DKK (implementation)
Implementation: Requires project manager
Description: Synchronization of roles and users from HR module to Ibistic.


Original Invoice Data Extract
Customer type: Enterprise or SMB
Fixed price: 5 000 DKK per extract from database (4 hours) 
Description: For customers who want a copy of all inbound XML invoices and TIFF images, we may perform a database extract within a specified date interval.

  • The customer needs to provide a FTP user and folder on FTP for uploading the files
  • Configuration may perform the extract using an app built for the purpose of extracting files

Implementation: Support / Configuration



Other modules & services

For Review: 2 500 DKK [more info]

Labels: 2 500 DKK [more info]

Predefined workflow: 5 000 DKK

Account filter: 3 750 DKK [more info]

Customized password rules: 2 500 DKK [more info]

Administration of routing: 2 500 DKK [more info]

Extra free text field on coding line: 8 750 DKK (configuration)

Onsite Education: 5 000 DKK (preparations / 3 hours onsite, + any follow ups / travel expenses)

Consultant review of setup: 7 500 DKK (efficiency analysis)

Reset Coding line: Free

Mass coding: Free [more info]

Transfer on invoice detail level: Free

Delete on invoice detail level: Free

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