Invoice pre-control (preregistration)


Our customers have asked for a "pre-control" of invoices, in order to validate documents in various ways before they are available for distribution in "invoices for processing". We are now able to offer such a feature:



In this "pre-control", invoices will be validated according to customer preference, where invoices which fail the validation will be allocated on a separate area before the error is corrected. Invoices which pass the validation with no error will be routed and distributed in normal fashion.




We may validate on following:

  • The fields on the invoice head, including fields from your chart of accounts
  • The supplier, checking the supplier register from ERP
  • The KID / payment-ID number
  • The bank account number, cross referencing the bank account number registered in supplier register
  • Invoice number on supplier, to prevent double processing of the same invoice (duplicate invoices)
  • Check the word document in the bottom of article for full overview of configuration settings

Please be aware, the check of duplicate invoices functions by checking if the invoice number already exists on a given supplier. This means, if there is no automatic supplier match (due to no match on account or organisation nr), then the invoice will be stopped in pre-registration as well. It will however still be possible to distribute the invoice for further processing.

In order to access this function, your user will need "Preregistration of invoice" setting in offices and users:



Notify Ibistic support if you wish an evaluation of implementing this type of feature for your setup. Implementation (configuration, testing and deployment) is billable job.


Full overview of configuration variables is included in the word document below: