For Review


Invoice for Review

When you open an invoice in the invoice for processing archive, you have the option of sending the invoice to another user for review. This “For review” -function is not a part of the approval process, but just a review that the recipient must confirm, so that the sender has confirmation that the recipient has seen the invoice. Invoices “for review” will be logged in Ibistic, but the recipient only has the right to see the invoice – nothing else.


This is how you send an invoice for review.

In the invoice view click on the tab, “Review".




Then you click on” Send for Review”, select a recipient and then click on” Send”:



Invoices sent to a user for review will remain with this user until it’s been “Confirmed”, or the sender “Revokes” the invoice. The receiver of the invoice for review cannot revoke the invoice himself, only confirm having reviewed it.

This is how you confirm that you’ve reviewed an invoice

The user will be able to see how many invoices are currently for review - either by looking at their menu “Invoices for Review” in the main menu or by looking at the Review tab on the header of each invoice.

In the main menu click on the menu “Invoices for review":




Then select the invoice that you’d like to confirm that you’ve reviewed:



By clicking there you access the invoice and can see the details of it – as well as confirm that you’ve reviewed the invoice by clicking on “Archive”:



When you click on “Archive” the invoice will disappear from the list of “Invoices for Review” and if you don’t have any other invoices for review then the whole menu “Invoices for review” will also disappear from your main menu. However, you can still see on the “For review” tab on the invoice itself who has reviewed the invoice and when:



How to revoke an invoice sent for review.
Invoices sent for review can also be revoked before the user has reviewed it.

In the “Review” tab on the invoice itself select the user that has the invoice for review, and then simply click on “Revoke”:


As soon as you click on “Revoke” the user will disappear from the overview of users that have this invoice for review.

NB! Please note that this ”For review”-function is not standard in Ibistic, but is a function that can be added to your Ibistic should you want it – but please be aware that adding this function to your Ibistic is billable work (2500 DKK).

Should you want the “For review”-function implemented in your Ibistic, simply contact Ibistic support and they will be make sure that it gets done.