2017-09-13 Features, improvements and fixes


Deployment notes 13th of September 2017


New Features

​Credit Card Handler (the list of credit card transactions for processing).
  • Handling credit card transactions for processing is now supported on responsive (mobile) view (IRW-29734)

Settlement drafts  (mobile view improvements)
  • Costs, add attachment to a cost: ​Possible to select receipt from attachment list. A very important feature that was missing in classic view that has been missed by a lof of our customers.
  • Support for favourites and most used in currency and accounting items: The field will "remember" what value you have used most often, and you may also specify "this is my favourite value". Favourites and most used values will appear on top of your list when you search/select your value.
  • ​History is now available in the settlement drafts list for all settlements that are returned for editing.

Archive Access Travel & Expense: Differentiated access between modules.
  • It is now possible for instance to give a worker access to all invoice documents, but not the travel expense documents processed by another worker.​

Accounting, settlements
  • Support for most used and favourites in the accounting dimensions (IRW-29785​)

Settlement Approve, mobile view
  • Sign/approve all items with one click. It is now possible to sign/approve all items both from the header grid, and from the detailed view without selecting all the items manually first. (ICP-29772)

Settlement Document Report view
  • Mobile view: In the interactive view, show attached receipt in a pop-up when hovering the mouse over attachment icon or text. (IRW-29787)
  • Show all attachments (accounting notes and receipts) in a list in the beginning of the document. (ICP-29831)



Fixes and improvements

Settlement drafts / Settlement report
  • ​Updated text regarding Browser support on the main menu.
  • ​Bugfix: Multiple cost related issues on site with Polish currency
  • Bugfix for multiple cost related issues on site with Polish currency. Probably affects all sites on a not DKK or NOK or EUR site (IRW-29929).
  • Bugfixes Accounting, Missing Translation, Print bar missing on settlement report view etc.​​

Credit Card Transaction Handler
  • Left menu, Bugfix: ​​CCT Handler is not yet available for mobile, only desktop. CCT Handler was available in the left menu on mobile, but it is now removed. (IRW_29878)
  • Left menu, Bugfix: Arrows to open and close groups did not work correctly (IRW-29857)

Settlement Approval
  • Translation: ​Sign/Approve all has been translated to Danish (IRW-29885)​​

Settlement Document Interactive View
  • Bugfix: ​Print and title bar was missing after we added name of owner etc. in the top of the document (IRW-29887)

Accounting, Travel and Expense
  • Bugfix: ​When we deleted coding dimension Alias, the coding dimensions that were hidden due to coding dimension applied from coding in Alias did not come back. This is now fixed (IRW-29883)
  • Bugfix: When we changed a coding dimension that has both rules and a default value, the coding dimension was overwritten with it's default at once. This has been fixed by not overwriting the dimension that is being changed. If a user changes a coding dimension with rules, all other dimensions will change based on the change in this coding dimension, but not the edited coding dimension (IRW-29882)
  • Bugfix: When coding rules applied changes on read-only dimensions, we got a bluescreen. This is now fixed (ICP-29884)

  • Improvement: Now, when you open a form (settlement header, costs, mileage, etc.) and a requiered value like Purpose, cost type etc. is not selectable in the form, you get an error message at once, instead of on submit after you have done all the work of adding the data (IRW-29768)

Settlement draft list
  • Bugfix: ​Amount was sometimes empty in the draft list. This is now fixed (ICP-29817)

​In​​vo​ice forwarding
  • ​Forward invoice to other accounting unit. Fixed error handling for when trying to forward an invoice that has already been forwarded to other accounting unit. (ICP-29653)​

​Authorised amounts
  • ​Improvement: We now show the chart description in parentheses behind the dimension name, to differenciate between Settlement and Invoice dimensions (ICP-29576)


  • Improvement: Applying coding rule defaults when coding dimension is changed (IRW-29779​)

  •  Bugfix: ​Automatic transfer of settlements to ERP: Previously the admin for this was available even if the site did not have expense activated (ICP-29725)


Credit Card Handler
  • Bugfix: Transaction counter bug fixed. We had a mismatched of the number of transactions shown in the main menu, and the actual transactions in the list. (ICP-29588)​

Settlement Approval, mobile view:
  • Bugfix: ​Date-picker (calendar) was hidden on mobile devices. This is now fixed. (IRW-29722)
  • Improvement -Deputy: It is now more visible who you accept/approve on behalf of. This has now been fixed for when you enter from classic view (IRW-29862)

Settlement Document Report view
  • Improvement: User name, User HR-number and Settlement number is now shown on the top of the settlement, so that the worker doesn't have to open a tab to find this information. (ICP-29638)
  • Bugfix: Sex was shown as "Male", not matter the sex registered. This is now fixed (ICP-29680)


Settlement Attachments
  • A lot of improvements and bugfixes on image handling when uploading an attachment (IRW-29468)

  • Attachments and Receipt Reference: ​​​​It is now always possible to specify Receipt Reference, and you will always see the file uploader for the Attachment. If Attachment and Receipt Reference are optional or required depends on the Cost settings (IRW-29425)
  • Credit Card Transactions for Allocation: Change columns and fixed sorting (IRW-29537)
  • Currency exchange rate:​ Fixed that error message was hidden on mobile (IRW-29620)​
  • Default date:​ Fixed that default date was not copied from header on mobile (IRW-29724)
  • Spanish culture bugfix: We had a bug when saving costs on a site with Spanish culture (number and date handling, etc.) (IRW-29517)
  • Allocate Credit card transaction: Bugfix: Remove error message that doesn't say anything, and give bluescreen instead (ICP-29647)

Mileage DK
  • ​Fixed bug in search combo for registration number (IRW-29651)

Mileage DK and Mileage NO
  • Bugfix: Can now edit mileage lines with deleted addresses (IRW-29353)

Settlement draft
  • Coding/combo boxes: ​Refactored combo boxes (the boxes where we enter coding). (IRW-29655)
  • Forms: Possible to use tab to focus on boolean selector, and enable and disable it with a space. (IRW-28976)
  • Grid header bugfix:​ We used to show the grid header for a few seconds on tab open, even though the grid was empty. This is now fixed (IRW-29107)
  • Missing mandatory variables: Improved handling of the scenario where you e.g. try to create a cost, but there are no cost types (IRW-29724)
  • Participants: Translated to Danish (IRW-29710, IRW-29631)
  • Travel Norway bugfix: Grid bug IRW-29695, Short trip bluescreen IRW-29694​, Reduced rate saved on Norway bug IRW-29552, Default meals IRW-29716
  • Bugfix. Crashes when adding from transaction with foreign currency (ICP-29678)

​Settlement Verify
  • Bugfix: Pointer over unclickable grid is no longer hand, but arrow (IRW-29594)
  • ​Sorting fixed. Is now by default sorted with the last submit on top (IRW-29593)

  • Bugfix: Grids - tooltips over cells were not updated when the sorting changed, so the tooltip showed the tooltip of the cell that was previously in that location. (IRW-29580)
  • Improvement: Document report view - Loading spinner was missing (IRW-29398, IRW-29757)
  • Improvement: Side-bar - Better visability that e.g. "For acceptance" is the header, and "Mine 4" is what you shall click at (IRW-29660)
  • Modal dialogs (the "pop up" where you confirm/cancel your action): Improved style (IRW-29575)

​Report "User Details" Imp​rovement
•​Added columns Honorific title, Sex and Birthdate (ICP-28525)

 Report "New credi​​t card transactions"
  • Improvement: ​​Added amount columns (ICP-6640)

Settlement Draft Edit an​​d Coding (mobile view)
  • Bug-fix: ​Settlement Draft, Danish: ​Edit header had wrong name of buttons on submit (IRW-29730)
  • ​Coding bugfix: Optional read only dimensions hidden even if they have a value (IRW-29744)

CCT fore​​ign currency bug-fix
 • Attachment, ​improved technical error message for when the attachment is too big.​
 • Credit card transaction, Tracking: Added support for comment.
 • Handler: Improved performance.



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