Creating expense based on Credit Card Transaction


Creating expense lines based on Credit Card Transactions


In this article, we show how to add expenselines to your expense report based on credit card transactions. How to create expense reports is discussed in this article, and distribution of transactions to the users is disussed in detail here.


If you have credit card transactions available for allocation, the transactions will be shown in the expense create tab overview. Transactions are shown with credit card symbol, along with the amount, currency and text description of the transaction.


1. To add transaction as an expense line to your report, select the transaction you want to be added by clicking the [+] icon:



2. Choose Cost Type, upload relevant credit card receipt image if you have it, and check the the text description specified from the bank looks ok. Once done, click save to add the transaction to the report:



3. Select coding values in the pop up window, and click "Save":


4. The added transaction will be shown as an expense line in the report:

(you may in this screen also add additional expense lines manually, even if you don't have any further transactions to add to the report)



5. If there are any receipt images you wish to attach, it may be uploaded in the Attachment tab:



6. Finally, you may check the overview of the report in the tab "Overview and send". If the report has all the needed informations and expense lines, you may send it to the workflow for approval by clicking the "Send" button:


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