Cashbooks for e-conomic


On Transfer Coding

Automatic coding now includes the tab, “On transfer”:


Here, you may specify which cashbook to use for invoices and credit notes. You may also define an expense settlement cashbook for sites with Ibistic Travel & Expense. Cashbooks can be the same or different for document types, or you’re able to specify different cashbooks for each document type. If nothing is specified here, we use the standard setup, defined by Ibistic Support.

The settings here are applied to documents at the moment of transfer.


Chart of accounts

All Chart of accounts now have an extra dimension called "Cashbook" (regardless of language profile). This dimension contains all the available e-conomic cashbooks (retrieved by Ibistic via API).


Selecting a Cashbook

How you select the cashbook for the chosen document type is the same for Ibistic Invoice as it is for Ibistic Travel & Expense.

This is how you do it:

  1. Click on “Add”.
  2. Select ”Document Type”


  1. Select the Cashbook to which you would like the document type transferred from now on.
  2. Click on “Save”.


When these changes have been saved, the chosen document types will then be transferred to the selected Cashbooks in your accounting system going forward.