Supplier Matching


Automatic Supplier Matching in Ibistic

When an invoice arrives in Ibistic, the system will attempt to automatically set the supplier account based on the data captured on the invoice, referred to as automatic supplier matching. The primary key for identifying supplier is the VAT / organisation nr.

In this example, we got supplier 3044 - Konbanwa Sushiservice with organisation nr 111222333:

The supplier is then automatically identified and set when invoice arrives in Ibistic, assuming a matching supplier ID is captured from the invoice:


Please note:

  • Supplier register in Ibistic is updated through integration to the ERP system. Whenever there is a new supplier, it first must be created in the accounting system, before the chart of accounts in Ibistic is updated through integration at scheduled interval.
  • Supplier matching does not have retroactive effect. It is only on invoice arrival the system attempts to match automatically on supplier. If there is no atumatic match on arrival, the supplier must be set manually.
  • If the organisation number is shared between several suppliers, payment identification such as bank account may be used to differentiate between them.
  • In order for the supplier matching to work, the organisation / VAT number must be identical to the value in supplier register. Blank spaces or extra characters will prevent automatch.
  • The report "Duplicate suppliers in the chart of accounts" shows duplicates preventing supplier match.