Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When I create a user, I get error message "user already exists", but there is no such user in that accounting unit?

A: This indicates the user ID already exists, probably in a different accounting unit. In order to copy to create the same user in several accounting units, you should use the copy user function.


Q: How is supplier set on invoices?

A: This is set automatically and based on the VAT / organisation nr and the bank account registered on the invoice. The captured data is matched with the supplier register transferred from ERP. If there is no exact match, the supplier has to be set manually.


Q: What happens to the files after sending them to invoicedrop?

A: The files are forwarded to our scanning partner, and the data on the invoice will then be OCR captured. Since humans are involved in the verification process, there will be some processing time before it appears in Ibistic, but no later than 26 hours following working day (internal SLA). You may at any point track the progress by viewing the invoicedrop report in Reporting. For further information about invoicedrop, please read our extensive article about it.


Q: Is it possible to auto forward from "invoice@" address to our

A: Auto forwarded mails are filtered out (spam protection), but we may configure the filter to allow the particular address you specify. If you wish to auto forward, please provide the address used for auto forwarding to Ibistic Support.


Q: Invoice sent to invoicedrop was rejected with a critical error.. why?

A: There should be a description of the error in the mail. If you are in doubt what it means, you may contact support (please provide the tracking number from the mail). If there is no tracking number, it was technically rejected (IE, missing or malformatted file, wrong address etc). Documentation of error types may be found in this article.


Q: How do I see if there are problems or downtime related to your service?

A: Please check our Support home page.