Administration of Routing


Administration of Routing


We may now for enterprise setups offer advanced administration of the routing workflow for invoices and expense reports. This new functionality allows site administrators to create and manage new routing options in the Offices & Users interface. These routing options override the normal office and users hierarchy workflow.

Once enabled on your site, the routing administration option may be found under Administration -> Routing Administration:


The routing Administration menu offers advanced options to set up routing on:

A. Coding dimensions on the invoice head, triggered on document creation (IE when invoice arrives or manually created).

B. Coded dimensions on the line, routed from acceptor to approver, triggered when clicking accept

C. Coded dimensions on the line, routed from approver to approver, triggered when clicking approve.


In this example we set up option B, autorouting on Account, from acceptor to approver:

The steps shown in the image above are:

  1. "Enable local routing setup" to enable the routing option to display in the offices and users UI.
  2. Select "New" to create the new routing option.
  3. Select name of the option, and what dimension you would like to route on.
  4. Click "Save" to confirm.
  5. The routing options will after creation show in the list, and you may set priority sequence by using the "Move up" and "Move down" arrows.


Once the rule is created, you may find the new option shown in offices and users, and set values which you would like to route on:

Routing is set on the user which the invoice or expense should be routed to. In this case, any document coded on Project "A Regent Street 11", will be routed for approval to Harry Smith once confirmed acceptance.    


You may also change the priority sequence of routing, for when there are two or more routing rules in effect at once. This is done under Routing Administration, by clicking on "Move up" or "Move down" arrows. The dimension on top of the list has the highest priority:

In this example, coding on Project has higher priority than routing on Department, and may be changed as shown in the image above.


For info about setting routing on individual users with standard routing options, please refer to this article: Routing of invoices


Please contact Ibistic Support if you are interested in enabling routing administration module for your site (billable job to configure).