Routing of invoices


You can set routing of invoices based on amount, document type, supplier and reference. To add routing of invoices you need to have the setting "Administration of offices and users" under "Offices and users":


To set up routing of invoices, go to "Administration" from the main menu:


Proceed to "Offices and users":


Click on the user you want to set up routing of invoices for and go to the tab "Routing":


If you wish to set up invoice routing based on documents type, click "Add" under "New invoices - document type". Choose the type of document (invoice or credit note) and the amount range the document should have to be forwarded to the user. Click "Add" to save you changes:


If you wish documents from a specific supplier to be routed to the user, click "Add" under "Routing of new invoices". Click the icon for the magnifying glass to choose a supplier from the chart of accounts. You can also enter a supplier which is not in the chart of accounts. Select an amount range and click "Add":


To set up invoice routing based on reference, click "Add" under "Ref Routing". Insert a reference, select the amount range and click "Add" to save:


It is possible to set routing of invoices based on other dimensions in the chart of accounts. If you wish to do this, please contact Ibistic support at

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