Basic coding and split

To open a line for coding, you click the button shown in the screen shot below.

When the line opens, it will look something like this:

The basics
Every dimension marked with bold text is mandatory to enter. Which fields that is, may differ with each organisation, and with what function you have in Ibistic. By clicking the magnifying glass, or the down arrow on your keyboard, you may search/filter and browse the available accounts. Many organisations choose to show the available fields based on which GL account that has been entered. In that case, you should therefore enter the GL account first, and then the other dimensions.

When the line is coded in the way you want, click on the floppy drive icon on the left hand side, or press Ctrl+S to save.

Split and calculator
The easiest way to split lines in Ibistic, is to enter a new value in the "gross amount" field (on the coding line), and save. The remaining amount will then appear in a new coding line, balanced against the total gross amount (as shown on the head). If you split a line that has already been coded, then all coding from the original line will be copied to the new line.

Sometimes you may need to calculate which amount should be entered into this field, for example when calculating the amount with or without tax, when adding several lines from the invoice into one line in Ibistic, or when dividing a cost across several departments. In these situations you may use the built-in calculator in Ibistic by entering an equation into the "gross amount" field, and clicking the "calculator" button.
The calculator in Ibistic should support all the mathematical operations you should need for calculating invoice lines. Equations should be written in the same format that is used in Microsoft Excel - for example:


When you are content with your coding/split, click "accept" or "approve", depending on which role you have when you are inside the invoice view.