Approve invoices


In order to complete processing of an invoice, and prepare for transfer to ERP-system, it is required to approve the invoice first. This guide explains how a user with the setting "Invoice approval" may do this.

Note that some setups require two signatures before the invoice is processed, for example accept + approve or 2 approvals. User settings and workflow are discussed in more detail in separate articles.

If you are a user with "Invoice appoval" setting, and have invoices for approval (for example, after an accountant distributed the invoice to you, or the invoice was routed automatically to you by routing rules or office hierarchy), the invoice will be visible in the "Main menu" under the section "Invoices". In the following screen, there is one invoice for approval.

1. Click the button "For approval" (Shortcut: F3).

2. Select the invoice you wish to approve

You will now get the following screen, displaying the invoice image, and the invoice head with information about the invoice.

3. Check that the data in the fields are correct, such as the gross amount, invoice number, supplier and payment data. If you not, you may "Refuse approval" (CTRL+SHIFT+N) with a comment explaining what is missing, and then the invoice will go back to accounting for correction.

Depending on the site setup, you may also have available other functions such as coding templates and multi-coding (enterprise features), and add comments and document text (standard features).  

4. You should check the coding of the document, by clicking on the code button (icon looks like a pen)

In the following screen, you may enter the relevant coding for the invoice, such as account, department, project, cost type, VAT code etc. You may also split the invoice into another line, by entering the amount of the new line in the field "Gross amount" and clicking save.

5. Fields with bold text are mandatory to code on. Once you are happy with the result, click on the "Save" button, if the coding is valid, you will afterwards get a green checkmark symbol indicating the coding is valid. If the symbol is red, you need to recheck the coding.

(Coding and splitting of invoice will be discussed in more detail in a separate article)

6. After verifying the invoice head data, and the coding, you may now "Approve" the invoice (CTRL+SHIFT+Y)

If you have sufficient procura (for example, only one signature is required, and authorization limit has not been exceeded), the invoice will go back to accounting, ready to be transferred. If not, it will go to the closest available approver in the office hierarchy, awaiting another signature. The workflow is discussed in more detail in separate article.

Forwarding invoice
It is also possible to forward the invoice. You may for example forward to another approver without approving yourself, or approve and send to another approver:

Short cuts - Invoice for approval
  • Approve (CTRL+SHIFT+Y)
  • Refuse Approval (CTRL+SHIFT+N)
  • Forward to approver(CTRL+SHIFT+U)
  • Coding template (CTRL+SHIFT+X)
  • Undo split (CTRL+SHIFT+Z)
  • Comment (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
  • Document text (CTRL+SHIFT+D)