Create invoice manually


It is possible to manually add an invoice in Ibisic, without sending the document through invoice drop or other channels. This may be useful in situations where you need to get the invoice document into Ibistic as soon as possible. Note that with this method, there will be no OCR interpretation of the document, thus you will need to enter the values from the invoice manually.

In order to manually create an invoice, you need the setting "Invoice creation" in offices and users:

Go to the main menu, and click "Create invoice". You will now arrive at the following screen: 

  1. Find the invoice you wish to create. This needs to be a .TIFF or .PDF
  2. Upload the invoice
  3. Enter the values from the invoice into the fields manually
  4. Click "Create invoice"

The invoice will now be visible in "Invoices for processing" and ready for distribution.