Checklist for getting started (SMB)


Below, you will find a brief description of the stages you should check as a SMB-custome, in order to get well started with Ibistic Invoice System.

1. Make a project plan
Draft a plan with milestones for the entries in this checklist, with deadlines, and optionally add your own entries to this plan.

2. Map the approver hierarchy
Before you start working with Ibistic, it is important to visualize how the invoice processing shall be organised efficiently. You may wish to draw an approver hierarchy or an organisation diagram. Persons who need to be involved with the invoice flow, shall be included in this hierarchy. Read this guide to get an understanding of how the workflow and hierarchy works in Ibistic.

Read the following guides for setting up offices and users in Ibistic:

3. Log in to Ibistic Invoice System with the superuser
Ibistic is available on Internet through following address:
Enter your username and password, and you may start using Ibistic.

4. Create offices and users
Create offices and users according to the approver hierarchy created under checkpoint 2.

5. Document number series
Before transferring invoices to the ERP system, you need to define a document number series. Read more about how to set this up here:
Setting up document numbers

6. Send supplier letter
It is usually a good idea to give suppliers a 2 week in advance notice before changing your billing address. You may find suggestions for supplier letter here:

7. Prepare accounting department
Explain to your accounting users the daily tasks they have to perform in Ibistic.

8. Instruct and teach your users
Distribute the guides on these forums to your users, in order to present Ibistic Invoice System to your users, and in order for them to be prepared to process invoices in the system.
9. Launch date for Ibistic
Launch date for getting started using Ibistic.
There will be invoices in the system from the first day invoice is received from invoice drop or electronic invoice through EAN / org nr.