Connect cost type to form type


Ibistic has several predefined standard "cost types" which you can use. Cost types need to be connected to a form type – also known as a settlement type - in order to be used for expense/travel reports.

In the main menu, select "Settlement and Cost types"


  1. Click on the tab “Filter costs on form types"
  2. Select the Settlement type to which you’d like to add cost types.
  3. Click on “Add cost type”
  4. Select which cost types you wish to connect to the previously selected "Form type".
  5. Click "Add"


Form type: A "form type" specifies which type of expense report the user shall be refunded for. It could for example be "reise på regning" (travel), per diem, expense etc. You’re also able to create new custom made form types, which is explained in a separate article.

Cost type: Specific costs which the user shall be refunded for. It is possible to set predefined coding on the various cost types. How this is done will be explained in a separate article.