Forgotten Password

Whenever you type the wrong password, you will receive an error message about it. You should then be able to click on «Forgot password» (see screenshot), and a new password will be sent to you, to the email address that is registered on your user account.

If you do not get the text "Forgot password", it is either because you typed an invalid username, or because the security profile of your organisation requires an administrator to manage password resets for users. In the latter scenario, you will need to contact your local Ibistic administration to receive a new password.


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About the solution:

  • When clicking "Forgot Password", the password will be sent to the email registered in Ibistic.
  • If the user has been deactivated, he / she will not be able to log on, or to receive a new password.
  • The password being emailed out is temporary, and shall be changed by the user upon first login.

Requirements / password policy

You should define a password that is easy to remember. The password must contain:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least two numbers
  • At least one character that isn't a letter or number
  • A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters

You can not use a password that has been used along with your username in the past. If you should forget your password, the administrator at your account unit can reset the password for you, and subsequently, you will be asked to define your own password again.

One example of a valid password is: Abc123##