E-CONOMIC: Exchange of data


Export of data from e-conomic to Ibistic Invoice System

Masterdata is exported from e-conomic minimum once an hour. Following data is exported:

  • Accounts
  • VAT Tax codes
  • Supplier
  • Default coding on supplier
  • Department
  • Case nr.
  • Cost type

Import of data from Ibistic to e-conomic

Processed and transferred invoices are imported from Ibistic every 5. minutes. Following data is being imported:
  • Coding
  • VAT Tax codes 
  • Supplier 
  • Currency
  • Department
  • Invoice issue date 
  • Invoice due date
  • Document text 
  • Invoice nr. 
  • Document nr. (generated in IIS) 
  • Amount 
  • Payment-ID 
  • Case nr 
  • Cost type 
  • PDF-image (requires the module "scanning" in e-conomic)