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Travel and expenses

"For processing": Here you can see all the active travel/expense documents that are in process for approval, those that have been rejected, and those that are ready for transfer to your accounting system. When a travel/expense document has been transferred to your accounting system, it will be removed from this list. It can then be found in the "travel and expense archive".

"For signing": If your travel/expense documents get rejected or returned to you for more clarification, you will find them here. If you have a secretary that creates travel/expense documents on your behalf, it will also end up here for you to sign before it can proceed to the final approver.

"For approval":
Here you see how many travel/expense documents that are awaiting your approval.

"Register travel/expenses document": Here you can create your own travel/expense documents. If you are a registered as a secretary for someone else, you can also create their travel/expense documents here.

"My expenses for processing (archive)": Here you can see your own travel/expense documents that are awaiting approval from other users, or documents that are ready for transfer to the accounting system.

"Travel and expenses archive": Here you will find travel/expense documents that have been registered in Ibistic. Depending on what privileges you have, it could be that you just have access to the invoices you have signed or approved, or all travel/expense documents that have ever been registered in Ibistic, regardless of which user signed/approved them.

"Credit transactions for processing": Here is an overview of the credit transactions that are registered in Ibistic. From here, you can control the distribution of credit transactions so that they are sent to users automatically.


"Offices and users": Here you can create and edit users and offices in Ibistic.

"Edit chart of accounts": Here you can see all dimensions and accounts that are imported from your accounting system to Ibistic.

"Document no. series": Here you can edit the document number series that is transferred to your accounting system.

"Public address book": Here you can edit a common address book for all users. Use this for registering common destinations, so that users will not have to type the complete address every time they are required to enter the address of their destination.

"My address book": This is your own personal list of addresses, and it will not be shared with the other users. Use this to enter addresses that you commonly use, so that you don't have to type it every time you are required to enter those addresses.

"Reports": Here you will find all the reports in Ibistic.