Edit the invoice head

In the invoice view in Ibistic, the invoice head is on the left side:

These fields reflect the fields that are on the invoice head. Some sites may have a few extra fields here, such as Document text and Period.

Normally, all these fields are filled in correctly when the invoice arrives in Ibistic. In some cases, some of the fields may not have any values, or they may contain errors. You may then enter the correct value manually, and click the save button in the top left corner in the above image. It is also possible that the supplier has not been recognised by Ibistic because it has not yet been created in your accounting system, or it has been created with the wrong bank account number or VAT number. If the supplier is registered in your accounting system, it will be possible to select that supplier in Ibistic as soon as the integration has run (normally, this happens a couple of times a day). Remember to save when you have made your changes.

Ibistic validates some of the fields on the invoice head:
  • VAT number
  • Supplier bank account
  • Buyer ID
If the VAT number or the bank account number of the suppliers invoice does not match with what you have registered in your accounting system, these fields will have a red background. The same will happen if there is an invalid buyer ID (as seen in the image above). In that case, it is up to you to figure out if the values have been misread by Ibistic, if the values in your accounting system is wrong, or if the supplier has provided the wrong information in their invoice.

Note: Normally only accounting users have access to edit the values in the invoice head. In some cases acceptors and approvers have access to edit some fields. If you wish to change which fields the acceptors and approvers should be able to edit, please contact Ibistic support.