Labels enable accounting users to easily group the documents being processed. All users can add or remove labels from documents, but to manage the labels the setting ” Administration of offices and users” is required:


Creating Labels

You create a new label by following these steps:

Go to “Main menu" -> "Administration" -> "Document Labels".


You can now create a new label:


  1. Click on “New”.
    2. Enter a label name. The name should be short and created in accordance with the wishes of the accounting department.
    3. You can enter a description here if needed. It should clarify in which instances the label should be used. The description will pop up whenever a user’s mouse cursor hovers over the label.
    4. Click on “Save”.

Editing Labels


  1. Select the Label you want to edit.
  2. Click on the pencil icon ()on individual labels to edit them. You’re then able to change the text in the “Name” and “Description” fields, and
    When you’re done you simply click on the Floppy disk icon () to save the changes you’ve made.



Deleting Labels


  1. Select the Label you want to delete.
  2. Click on “Delete”

The label disappears from the list of labels, but it also disappears from any document to which it was previously assigned. There will be other consequences for those documents.


 Assigning labels to documents

Both acceptors, approvers, and accountants may assign labels to documents being processed. This is done from in the invoice header view.


  1. Click "labels"
  2. Select the label you wish to assign to the document from the drop-down menu
  3. Click "add".
  4. The assigned labels are now shown at the bottom of the invoice header.

 You may add as many labels to an invoice as you wish.


Removing labels.

You remove labels in almost the same way as you assign them.

1. Click "labels"
2. Select the label you wish to remove from the drop-down menu
3. Click "Remove". You can remove all labels from the invoice by simply clicking on "remove all".


Using the labels

From "invoices in process", the accounting users can filter the invoices based on the assigned labels. Simply click on the appropriate label box at the top of the page. The icon label of that label box will show a green checkmark "badge" () as shown here:


The list of documents will then display all invoices which have been assigned with this label.

If you click once more on the same icon, the badge will change to a red “X” () which means that the list now displays all invoices without this label. If you click a third time, the list will reset, and there will be no filtering of the list or any badges shown.

PLEASE NOTE: All labels will be removed from an invoice as soon as it’s transferred to the accounting system.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that Labels are not standard in Ibistic but is a function that can be added to your Ibistic should you want it. But please be aware that the price for implementation is 2500 DKK.

Should you want the Labels added to your Ibistic, simply contact Ibistic support and they will help you get it done.