Labels are a tool that enables the accounting users to group the invoices for processing. All users may add or remove labels on invoices, but only users that have access to edit "offices and users" are able to edit which labels are available.

Create labels
Click "offices and users". Choose the main office (at the top of the hierarchy), select the tab "invoice", and find "labels". Click "new", enter a name and description of the label you want to create, and click "save". The name should be relatively short and recognizable. The name is what you see below the buttons in the image above. The description appears when users hold their cursor over the button.

Delete labels
You may delete labels from the same place that you create them (see image above). Select the label you wish to delete, and click "delete". This will delete the label, and all invoices with that label will lose it. The invoices will not be affected in any other way.

Edit labels
You may edit labels from the same place as pictured above. Click the "pencil" edit button to edit an existing label. You may now edit the values for "name" and "description". Click the floppy disk icon to save your changes.

Assign labels
Both acceptors, approvers, and accountants may assign labels to invoices/credit notes. This is done from the head of the invoice view. Click "labels", and from the drop-down menu, select the label you wish to assign the invoice. Then click "add". The assigned labels are shown at the bottom of the invoice head. You may add as many labels to an invoice as you wish.

Remove labels
You may remove labels in almost the same way as you assign them. Click "labels" from the invoice head, and from the drop-down menu, select the label you wish to remove. Then click "remove". You may also remove all labels from the invoice by clicking "remove all".

Work with labels
From "invoices in process", the accounting users may filter the invoice list based on labels. Simply click on the label that you wish - the icon label will show a green checkmark "badge" (as shown on the image below). The list will then display all invoices with this label. If you click once more on the same icon, the badge will change to a "cross". This means that the list displays all invoices without this label. If you click a third time, the list will reset, and there will be no filtering or badges in the list.

Note: All labels will be removed from the invoice as soon as you transfer it to the accounting system.


NB! Please note that Labels is not standard in Ibistic, but is a function that can be added to your Ibistic should you want it – but please be aware that adding this function to your Ibistic is billable work (2500 DKK).

Should you want the Labels implemented in your Ibistic, simply contact Ibistic support and they will be make sure that it gets done.

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