You may edit how a user will receive notifications when they have tasks in Ibistic.

From the main menu, click "offices and users".

Select the user that you would like to edit, and click the tab "notification".

Under Receiver, you will see which e-mail address the notification e-mails will be sent to. If the displayed address is incorrect, click the details tab for that user to edit the e-mail address.

Instant notifications will give the user a notification as soon as they receive a new invoice or travel document for acceptance/approval. They will receive a new e-mail every time, instantly. It might be a good option to use instant notifications if it is important that invoices/travel documents get approved quickly.

Scheduled status report will give the user one notification at the designated time, as long as they have anything to process in Ibistic. Even if the user has had the same invoice for approval for a week, they will still get a notification at the scheduled time until they approve the invoice. This notification style is the most commonly used.

Note: It is also possible to combine the two notification styles, instant and scheduled.

When you have made your choice, click "save".