Create and use coding templates


Ibistic Invoice System allows you to save time in coding and splitting an invoice, by using coding templates. If you receive a lot of invoices that always need to be split and/or coded in a certain way, you may first create a coding template that you can use later to automate these tasks.

Please note that this functionality is only available in selected set-ups. Please consult with Ibistic Support whether this is available for your site.

These are instructions for how to create and use coding templates.
Create a coding template
In this example, we are going to create a coding template for food, where we want to split the cost 40/60 between two departments. Let's start by clicking "advanced split" on the coding line:

A new view will open up, where you click "split". Choose the number of lines you want to split the current line into, and the percent distribution. Then click the "split" button.

From here, we code the lines so that they are distributed as planned on the two different departments. When you are done, click "save".

Click "coding templates", and select both coding lines, as we would like to create a coding template based on the split and coding of both these lines. Then click "create new template".

Give the template a name. If you want this template to be available to all users, check the box named "may be used by all". If you don't check this box, the template will only be available to your user.

Note: Only users with accounting privileges are able to create templates for all users. All other users are only able to create coding templates for their own user.

You have now created a coding template!

Use a coding template
On a new invoice, click "coding templates", and choose the lines you want to split according to the template you just made. In the example below, the line is already selected. If there are several lines, you can choose to code and split several lines according to the template. Choose the template you just made, and click "use".

The line has now been split and coded according to your template.

Note: It is not necessary to do an advanced split to create a coding template. We have shown it so that you get an idea of the functionality. If you don't want to do an automatic split, it is only necessary to code the line in the way you want, mark the line, and click "create new template", and follow the steps in the usual way.