Adressbook (personal)


Note: This article details updating address book through mileage, which is a feature exclusive for Per Diem / Travel, for Norwegian and Danish sites.

Whenever you have traveled to multiple adresses, you may want to save those in your personal address book.

Add an address (via main menu)

1)  In the "Main menu", under "Travel and Expenses", select “My address book”

2)  Select "New address"

3)  Enter address info in the fields

4)  Click "Add"

Add an address (through mileage registration)

Whenever you register your milage, you may also add an address.

1)  Select "Adressebog" (Address book)
2)  Select "Ny adresse" (new address)
3)  Enter address information into the fields
4)  Click "Save" 

Select an address from your address book

When you add your milage in Ibistic, you may select an address from your address book

1)  Select "Adressebog" (address book)

2)  Check the desired address
3)  Click "Brug valgt adresse" (use selected address)