Edit "My Profile"

You may find the button "My profile in the upper right corner of the screen. Which preferences you are able to change in "My profile" might be specific based on your organisation, so be aware that you do not necessarily have all of the rights described in these instructions.


In the tab page "Details" you can make changes to "first name", "surname", and "title". Here you may also add new information and press "Save". You must check the box "change username/password",  if you want to change your username /  password.

You can also use the toolbar at the bottom to edit the phone number and email address. It is important to register your email address, because this is address where you will receive notifications.



You may select a deputy for the functions on tab page "Deputy". If you like to choose a user as your deputy, click the button to change, select relevant user in search box under "add person", and click "add". You may also remove a deputy by selecting the user and clicking "remove selected".

The deputy gives the user rights to manage invoice items on your behalf. You maintain access to your invoices while the deputy is enabled.

It is really important to remember to deactivate the deputy when you no longer need it.


You may define how you want to receive email notifications, once you have documents for approval or acceptance in Ibistic Invoice System. This is done under the tab "notification". The optimal choice here depends on how many documents you receive. If you only receive a couple invoices a week, it may be best to choose "Instant notifications". You will then receive a notification by email as soon as a task has been sent to you.

If however, you frequently receives invoices or expense documents, having instant notifications enabled will quickly fill your inbox. It is then recommended to instead enable scheduled status report. Select "Enable scheduled status report", and choose the times when you want to receive the report in the drop down list. Remember to "Save". You will now receive status reports at a predefined schedule showing what tasks you have in Ibistic.