Authorisation limits


Setting authorisation limits in Ibistic is a good way to make sure that no one oversteps their authorised amounts, but it is also a way to control the workflow. When someone approves an invoiceline where they don't have authorisation for the full amount, the line will be sent for further approval by an approver in a parent office.

To get started, click "offices and users" from the main menu:

User authorisation limit
From offices and users, select the person that you would like to set up with an authorised amount.

Choose the tab "authorised amounts", and click "new". From here you may specify the amount this user is authorised to approve on their own, and click "save". It is optional to specify currency and dimension value.

If you would like to specify a different amount limit for different currencies, you can do that as well. But note that Ibistic will check for the authorised amounts automatically, based on exchange rates for the day, even if you have not specified the amount limit for that particular currency. Ibistic will check for the most common currencies, but not all of them.

You may set up as many authorised amounts as you choose. For instance, if you would like the authorised amount to be higher or lower than the "general" limit based on which supplier issued the invoice, you can do that.

Specific amount limits will always override general amount limits. Let's look at an example:

We can see that Tasha is authorised to approve up to a general limit of £500,-. That is unless the invoice line is for supplier "985703140" (Positronic Pizza), in which case she can only approve for £120,-. But you may also make specific amount limits like this higher than the general limit. Or you may choose to not have a general limit at all, and only have a limit for some accounts or suppliers. So the amount limit can be different depending on the coding of the invoice line, and you may add as many different amount limits as you wish.

Office authorisation limit
An office authorisation limit basically works in the same way as the user authorisation limit. The exception being that the office authorisation limit works recursively on all users and offices below it in the hierarchy. You apply it by selecting the office you want to apply the limit to, click the "authorised amounts" tab, and fill in the fields in the usual way.

Also in this case, specific amount limits override general amount limits. So that if you have an amount limit on an office, and an amount limit on a user, the limit on the user will override whatever limit there is on the office.

So if we take the example for Tasha above, she would not be affected by this office limit at all. However, let's pretend that we make Sarek an approver as well, without any amount limits on his user. He will only be authorised to approve up to £300,- because of the office limit. If we only set an amount limit for him like we did for Tasha (£120,- for Positronic Pizza), he will be able to approve for £300,- for all line items, except when the invoice line is from Positronic Pizza (in which case his limit is 120).

Authorisation limits on elemental level

Please notice, authorisation limits for approver affects the amount on elemental level (IE; the invoice line, not the total amount on invoice). The condition is, line must not been created by the approver himself. It is consequently not possible for the approver to split the invoice in order to bypass the authorisation limit.

Some examples:

Andy Approver has an authorisation limit of 1 000 GBP.

* Andy receives a coding line of 1 000 GBP. Andy will not have enough procura to approve this, even if Gunnar tries to split the amount.

* If andy receives 2 coding lines of 600 GBP, 1 200 GBP in total for the two lines, he will be able to approve these, because they were split by someone else than Andy.


Configuration options

It is also possible to change the setup, with following options:

1.  Authorization limit of 0 for everyone, unless something else specified

-> Nothing is possible to approve, before you receive permission to approve within an amount.


2. Authorization limit 999 999 999,00, unless something else specified.

-> You may approve with no restrictions, as long as there is no authorization limit applied to your user.


Standard setup is alternative 2, and is what most sites have. Contact Ibistic Support if you wish to change the standard setup.