Create and administrate an office


Before creating the first office or the first user, it is a good idea to map out the approval hierarchy, who will have rights for what.

Create an office

1)  In the "Main menu" under "Administration" select "Offices and users"

2)  Select the office where you want to create a sub office
3)  Select "New" under "Offices”
4)  Write the name of the office
5)  Click "Save"

Setting up an office

1)  Select the office you want to administrate

The tab "Offices and users": In "Offices and users, you can create sub offices and users, who will be connected to the active office.

The tab "Details": Here, you may change the name of the selected office.

The tab "Authorised amounts”: Here, you may set authorised amounts (proukura) for the office, affecting every user in that office. You may set authorised amounts on different levelt (general, supplier, cost types etc).

The tab "Travel/expenses document coding"”: Here you may set automatic coding on an expense. This will be examined more closely in the chapter "Automatic coding of expenses".