Advanced split


If you wish to split a coding line into new lines, you may use the function advanced split. One of the advantages of advanced split is, you may to a greater degree test by trial and error, since no changes are final until saved.

Several of the splitting and coding features are also available elsewhere in Ibistic, and will be explained separately.

This guide explains:

  • How to open advanced split
  • How a line is split into many lines in one process

Use advanced split

Click the icon "Advanced split" on the line you wish to split. The interface for advance split will then open.

Split a coding line into many lines

Set how many lines you wish the coding line shall be split into, and choose if you prefer equal split, or based on percentage value. If you wish to specify percentage values, enter the values into the fields, and click "split"

Tip: Save time by coding the line before splitting. the new lines will have the same coding as the line you split from.

If the values you specified do not total into 100%, this will automatically create an extra line with the deviating amount. When you are happy with the result, click "save"

Split from e-invoice

In advanced split mode, you also have access to the function "Split from e-invoice". This simplifies splitting greatly for electronic invoices. If the UBL file from the supplier has been formatted correctly, the invoice will be split automatically into item lines stated in the invoice image, with the correct amount per line.