Creation of expense reports


Since Ibistic has many different customer configurations, some functionality may be different to what you are used to.

Create an expense report

1)  In the "Main menu", under "Travel and expenses, select "Register travel/expenses document"

In the next field, you will be able to view already drafted expense documents, and edit them before sign and submit. You may also create new expense reports.

2) To create a new expense report, write in the comment field what the expense is about, and click "Create". 

3) In the following field, you draft the expense document.

  • Select the date when the expense took place
  • Select a suitable cost type
  • Enter the amount and currency spent
  • Optionally, upload a receipt, and a comment

4) "Save"

5) Enter suitable coding, and click "Save" to continue. If you are unsure, click "Save anyway".

6) Next, you may view or add any attachments, such as receipts

7) You may now view the finished expense report, and click "Sign and send" to submit it for processing by your accounting department  and to be approved.

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