Electronic invoice in Norway - EHF (ELMA)


In order to be prepared for reception of EHF documents in Norway, you should be registered in ELMA. This enables suppliers to send you electronic invoices without having established an electronic invoice agreement beforehand. Being registered in ELMA, you commit to receive files in "Elektronisk handelsformat" (EHF).

Suppliers may also use the ELMA register to check if other recipients are ready to receive EHF invoices.


1. First, go to: http://vefa.difi.no/smp/

2. In the next screen, you will see if there is a registered EHF accesspoint, and which types.

As we can see, this organisation number is ready for reception of invoices and creditnotes in EHF format.

There is more detailed information about EHF and electronic invoices on DIFI's websiteThere is also a list of activated recipients here.

If you are not registered in ELMA, you may contact Ibistic Support with relevant infor such as organisation number, and we will take care of the rest (registration is free!).


Advantages of electronic invoice are as follows:

  • Invoice arrives faster.
  • No OCR interpretation errors.
  • It is cheaper per document than paper invoices.
  • You may automatically split invoicelines.