How to use Invoice Drop (


What is Invoice Drop?

Ibistic Invoice Drop is a service run by Ibistic Technologies. You are able to receive invoices, credit notes, and payment reminders (together with any potential appendices to these) at an e-mail address. Documents will be interpreted by our scanning partner, and all interpreted values are presented digitally in Ibistic, so that the accounting officer does not have to enter all the values manually for each invoice. Invoices will also arrive faster than by using conventional mail.


How to send invoices

The e-mail needs to conform to the following specifications:

  • All documents need to be in a standing A4-format.
  • All documents need to be scanned as an image, saved in .tiff or .pdf-format.
  • Every invoice with attachments must to be sent as one file in the e-mail (unless you are using the cover sheets as described later in "Multiple vouchers in one file").

Multiple invoices (files) can be sent in the same e-mail.

The invoice details will be read electronically. Invoices must therefore be printed mechanically and be clearly readable. The following data must appear on invoices:

  • The invoice issuer’s organization number
  • The invoice issuer’s IBAN or bank account number
  • The invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Net amount
  • Gross amount (invoice total)
  • VAT amount
  • Currency specification as per ISO 421

When you have sent the invoice, you will receive a confirmation from Invoice Drop, confirming that the invoice has been received. The message will look something like this:


For all e-mail you send to Invoice Drop, you will always receive a message. It can be a confirmation that the invoice was received (like this one), or an error message. You will usually receive this message after a short time, but it can vary depending on network traffic.


How do you get the optimal interpretation on the files?

You will get the best results by sending the invoice directly from your accounting system. If this is not possible for you, you can scan the invoices as a picture, and send it directly from your scanner.

When scanning, the following set up provides the best result for the computerized interpretation of your invoice:


If you are sending the documents directly from your scanner, you must set up your scanner with a valid e-mail as a return address, so that you are able to receive confirmation/error messages at that address.

Error messages from Invoice Drop

No attachments


You will receive this message if you have forgotten to attach files to your e-mail, or if you sent to an e-mail address that is not registered at Invoice Drop.


Multiple recipients (the mail is sent to more than one address)


You will receive this message if you included more than one recipient in the To: field on the e-mail. In this field, there should only be the Invoice Drop address. Note that if you want to send a copy of the mails they send to someone, you may freely use the CC field for this.


Not a valid PDF


This message means that the document is not a valid .pdf-document.


Not a valid TIFF



Attach vouchers as annex to another voucher

If you desire to attach other vouchers as annex to one voucher, you will have to use the below cover sheet for telling the data capture services that these vouchers should be handled as an annex to the first voucher in the file.

Otherwise the scanning engine will fail to handle the document because it will see the file as a document with several vouchers included - and the interpretation will not know which data (such as invoice date, invoice number, amount) to represent. With the below cover sheet you will clearly define what should be interpreted as a voucher and what should be seen as annex.

Download: Cover sheet annex.pdf


Multiple vouchers in one file

We have received feedback from several of our customers and partners that it can be tedious to scan each invoice to one file when using Ibistic Invoice Drop. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have deployed technology that allows all users to send us multiple invoices or vouchers in one big file. To use this feature you need to use our special cover sheets.

The concept is simple: Using special cover sheets mixed in between your invoices, you tell us whether the following pages are to be considered multiple pages to the same invoice or that each page is a new invoice. You can mix any number of these sheets in the same file, as long as the first page of the file is one of the valid cover sheets.

We hope this is easy to use, but would like to have feedback if you have any questions. Please follow this simple procedure:

  1. Print a small number of each of the two cover sheets (attached to this post). Note that cover sheets can be reused any number of times.
  2. Sort your invoices into single page and multi page invoices (invoices with more than one page).
  3. Put all the single page invoices in a pile and put the cover sheet "Vouchers - Single page" on top.
  4. On top of each multi page invoice, put a cover sheet of type "Single voucher - Multiple pages".
  5. Now stack all the individual piles together, and double check that all the cover sheets are correct. Note: The first page of your stack must be a cover sheet or the resulting file will be considered one big voucher.
  6. Scan the stack as one file, avoiding blank pages. (Contact your IT department on how to configure your scanner for this.)
  7. Send the file as normal to your [company] address.
  8. You should now receive a confirmation that looks like this:

Document Tracking
In Ibistic, there is a report showing the PDF and TIFF invoices sent to invoicedrop, with filenames, sender mail address and the time and date of when they were sent, tracking ID, and the current status of the document (awaiting OCR, received in Ibistic or rejected with an error Message). You may search on date interval, and export the report to Excel. We highly recommend you use this report in order to keep track of all invoices sent to invoicedrop. If you need further help regarding the status of invoices in this report, please provide a tracking ID for Ibistic Support.
You may find the report under Reporting -> Log -> Invoicedrop: received invoices
SLA - Once you receive the receipt, the file is automatically sent for OCR interpretation, and there runs a 26 hour SLA within working days. For Norwegian invoicedrop addresses, the SLA is within 14:00 the next working day. The reason it could take some time, there is a manual verification with human operators in addition to the automatic OCR capture, in order to ensure best possible quality on datacapture with minimum 99.% accuracy on field level.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Support at