Transfer invoice to accounting system


From the main menu, go to invoices "In process"



In the tab "Invoice level"  in invoices "In process", you can group documents by status, or set a filter in order to get an overview of what documents are ready for transfer. In this example, we use the filter function.

Click the button "Filtering" and choose "Ready for transfer" in the the "Status" drop-down box. Click "Filter".



Once you clicked the "Filter" button, you will get an overview of invoices which completed processing, and ready for transfer to accounting system. Notice the column "Processed" / 1 (of 1), showing how many of the invoice lines have been approved.

Checkmark the documents you wish to transfer, and click the button "Transfer to accounting system":


The vouchers are now being validated, and then shown in the screen "Confirm transfer":

If the coding and document is valid, you will be able to mark the checkbox on the left side, and click the button "Transfer to accounting system":


If the document is not valid, there will be an error notification in the "Message" column, on the right side, describing why the document is not valid.

In order to correct the error, you enter the document by clicking the "Edit" button:



Once you corrected the error, you will be able to navigate back "Confirm transfer".

  • The document is now valid, and can be transferred.
  • Once the documents are transferred, they are no longer viewable in invoices in process.
  • To review the transferred document, you may go to invoice archive and search for it.