Disable/restore users


Disable a user
You may disable a user from "offices and users", under Administration.

On the left hand side, select the office where the user i located. On the right hand side you will see a list of all the users that exist in that office. Mark the user(s) that you wish to deactivate, and click "disable".

The user will be moved to the office named "disabled", and they will no longer be able to log into Ibistic.

Note: There should not be elements for processing with the user when it is disabled. Either get the user to process their remaining items that they have for processing, or recall these items back to the accounting department. If there are elements for processing with the user, you will get an error message when you try to disable them.

Restore a user
When a deactivated user is restored, he/she will have access to all invoices they've processed earlier in the archive "My invoices". They will however not get the user settings they had prior to deactivation.A user is restored by doing the following:

Choose the office the user shall be in. Click the "restore" button, choose the user from the dropdown list, type in username and password and click "Activate".
The user has now been restored, but has no settings, which will have to be set again under the user profile and "Settings".