Supplier Coding


Supplier Coding

With Ibistic Invoice System you can use the function "Supplier coding" to automate coding based on suppliers.

To set this up, your superuser needs to give you the setting "" under the user settings in "Offices and users". The user will then have access to "Automatic Coding, under Administration.

Setting up Supplier coding

  1. Click on "Supplier coding", under "Administration" -> "Automatic Coding"
  2. Setup a coding rule by giving it a name and a short description. The name can for example be the supplier name. If there are more then one supplier under the coding rule, you can give it a general name like "Office supplies". Remember to click "Save" when you're done.
  3. Open the coding rule to add suppliers by clicking the little arrow under "View".


4. Add suppliers and coding.


You have now set up supplier codings. All invoices from the specified suppliers will now automatically get the specified codings when the invoice arrives in Ibistic. However, it is possible for users to change the coding on the invoice normally, if needed.