Labels (enterprise function)

Labeling is a tool that gives the accountants the possibility to group invoices for processing. All users can add or remove labels on invoices, but if you're going to administer the labels, you need the setting "Administration of offices and users".


Creating labels

  • Choose the top office in the hierarchy under "Offices and users".
  • Choose the "invoice" tab. Under the "invoice" tab, you'll find the category "labels" and a list of existing labels.
  • To create a new label, click on "New", add name and description, and click on "Save".


Deleting labels

To delete labels, click the checkbox of the label you wish to delete and click the "Delete" button next to the "New" button.

Editing labels

To edit an existing label, click the little pencil icon. After you've edited name and/or description, click the little save icon where the pencil icon used to be.