Internet browser requirements


Minimum internet browser requirements

Ibistic has official support for the following browsers (desktop / computer versions)

  • Microsoft Edge, latest version
  • Google Chrome for Windows and macOS, latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows, latest version and latest ESR version
  • Apple Safari for macOS, v10 or later

Disclaimer: In general Ibistic Services will work fine with any modern standards compliant desktop browser, including Opera, even though it is not officially supported. For best possible viewing experience, we recommend using the latest version of your browser.


Mobile browser versions

Ibistic supports the browser bundled with modern versions of iOS and Android. We constantly monitor the distribution number to determine what versions to support of each operating system, currently this is iOS 9.3 or higher with Safari and Android 4.4 or higher with Chrome. All updates offered for the browsers on these platforms through the app store, must be installed within a month after the publication for support to be offered.

In addition to this, Ibistic offers support for the Chrome browser on iOS. This must be kept up to date from the app store as described above.