Create expense/travel settlements


Create expense/travel settlements (new mobile view)

Since Ibistic may be set up with customized configurations for various customers, you might see some user interface elements different in this guide compared to what you are used to.


Register an expense or travel settlement

In the main menu, under Travel and expense, you first need to select “Register settlement»”.



You will then arrive at a page where you can see a list of your expense and travel settlements for draft. You may edit them, before signing and sending it out on the flow. Here, you may also register new expense and travel settlements.


  1. These are the expense or travel settlements ready for editing, deletion or submit to flow.
  2. To create a new expense or travel settlement, click on this button.


You will then arrive on this screen:


  1. Select type of expense, the Settlement (form) type.
  2. Enter name of the expense settlement.
  3. Click on «OK» to confirm creation of the expense settlement as a draft.

You may also cancel the creation by clicking the ”cancel” button in the top left corner.


Adding costs to settlement

After clicking OK, you will arrive at the list of lines with costs. If you did not already add some costs, this list will be blank. In this example, there are already 2 lines:


  1. Click on the + button to add a cost line to the expense settlement.
  2. When you are done adding costs, you could choose to ”send” the settlement into workflow.



In the scenario there are credit card transactions allocated to your user, you will be presented with the option to create lines of cost based on the transaction. Once you click the + button, the view will then be expanded with a menu where you may choose to manually add a cost or to select one from an existing transaction:



When creating a cost from a credit card transaction, you will be shown following interface:



You may on the left side (A) mark the transaction you wish to be added to the settlement. You will then be shown the following menu options on the top right side:

  1. Delete transaction
  2. Reject transaction (back to accounting)
  3. Confirm adding the transaction to the expense settlement

On the right side, you may see details about the specific transaction which has been chosen. Click (3) to use the chosen transaction, and add it to the expense settlement. Alternatively, you may click cancel button (4).


Upon adding a cost manually, you will be displayed following view:


  1. Enter details about the expenses
  2. Upload image/receipt
  3. Click «OK» to confirm adding the cost


Once you are done adding the cost line, you may click on ”send":


You will now be shown the overview of the expense settlement before submitting to workflow:


  1. Add a comment
  2. Check settlement report summary
  3. Confirm submitting the settlement to workflow



You may edit a settlement draft by clicking the icon for the form in the draft overview menu:


  1. Choose the settlement to edit
  2. Choose to send, edit draft, add attachment or delete.
  3. Detailed summary of the settlement report is shown here


Using the same method, you may also edit cost lines in a settlement draft: