Create and Edit Purpose


This user guide will show you how to create and edit a purpose in Ibistic.

PLEASE NOTE: According to both the Danish and Norwegian tax authorities it is mandatory to fill out the Purpose for travel expenses.

However, you can also make the Purpose required on any Cost type or Form type you should want. How that is done is described in their own separate user manuals

To be able to create and edit a Purpose in Ibistic as a user, you will first have to have the setting “Expense setup administration” enabled:



Create a new Purpose

You create a new Purpose in Ibistic by doing the following:


  1. Access the ”Administration” menu and then “Settlement and cost types”.
  2. Click on the “Purpose” tab.
  3. Click on ”Create”.


The creation screen for a new Purpose looks like this:


  1. This field must be filled out for all Purposes. It’s the name of the Purpose, and what you see when you’re selecting the right Purpose during expense creation.
  2. A short description of the Purpose.
  3. Check this box if the user selecting this Purpose should not be reimbursed for breakfast.
  4. Check this box if the user selecting this Purpose should not be reimbursed for lunch.
  5. Check this box if the user selecting this Purpose should not be reimbursed for dinner.
  6. When you’ve filled out everything remember to click on ”Save”.


PLEASE NOTE: The text at the top of the page that reads:

The changes done on this site will have effect tomorrow morning at the latest. For some users it will have effect immediately. This depends on the user’s profile, and if any users with this profile have logged in today or not. This is due to Ibistic’s caching of the user settings. The cache is deleted automatically every night, and when we update the solution. We normally update the solution every fortnight. This means that if we update the solution today, the changes can have effect today already. We are working on a better solution, so that the changes will have effect immediately.”

This text means that newly created Purposes will mostly not be usable in Ibistic until the day after creation. – which also applies to editing of existing Purposes. 


How to edit a purpose

You edit an existing purpose by accessing the “Settlement and cost types” menu “, going to the “Purpose” tab and then clicking on the “Edit” icon – illustrated with a pencil icon - on the Purpose that you want to edit:


NB:  You will only be able to edit Name” and Description and nothing else. The reason for this limitation is to preserve the history of the Purpose.

When you are done editing the Purpose, remember to click on “Save” – illustrated with a disc Icon:




How to delete a Purpose:

Should you want to delete a Purpose you do this by accessing the “Settlement and cost types” menu “, then the “Purpose” tab and marking the Purpose that you wish to delete by checking the box to the left of the Purpose and then finally clicking on “Delete”: