Filtering idle documents and sending reminders


In this article we will show you two easy ways of getting an overview of which coding lines are being processed by which users - and how long those users have had the coding lines for processing.


In “Invoices in process”

One of the easiest ways to get an overview is in the “invoices in process”-archive. Here you can filter the coding lines by how long users have had coding lines for processing. This is done as follows:

In “invoices in process” select “

  1. Item level”

and then

  1. “Filtering”:



Then you can filter the coding lines by:

  1. “Document type”
  2. “Status”
  3. “In process by
  4. “Days to due date<”
  5. “Days with processor>”


So if you for instance enter 5 in the field “Days with processor>”and click on “Filter”, then the list of coding lines will be filtered to only show coding lines which have been with a processor for more than 5 days.

You can also get an overview of the invoices that will be past due within a certain number of days, and the users who are the processors of those invoices. In that case you could for example enter the value 2 in the field “Days to due date<” and click on “Filter”. The coding line list would then once again be filtered showing the coding lines that will be past due within the next 2 days, plus their processors.


Using the ”Invoice(s) in process”-report

In order to get an overview of invoices for processing, you can also use view the “invoices for process”-report. This report gives a good overview of which invoices are being processed by whom.

Furthermore, it has the added options of generating the report for a specific office or just for invoices that will be past due within a certain time frame. This is how the report is generated:

Go to “Reports”:


Then select the following dimension for the rapport, should you want to limit the report:

  1. “Office”
  2. “Due within no. of days”
  3. Click on “View”


The report that is generated contains useful information such as:

  1. “User”
  2. “Invoice number” (incl. direct link to the invoice)
  3. “Due date”


How to send a reminder

If you’ve sent a coding line to a user for processing, but after a while the user still hasn’t processed it, you can send the user an e-mail reminder. That way the user is reminded that he or she has a coding line due for processing.

The way you send a reminder in “Invoices in process” is as follows:

  1. First choose the coding line whose processor you want to send a reminder.
  2. Click on “Send reminder”
  3. You can write a comment here if you wish
  4. Click on “Send”.