Process Manually


The function “Process Manually” was developed as an easy way of letting the Ibistic system know that an invoices has already been processed outside of Ibistic - and consequently there is no need to transfer this invoice to the accounting system again. You find the function here:


When you choose to process an invoice manually the invoice will disappear from the “Invoices for processing”-archive, and be archived in the “Invoice archive” with the status “Processed manually”

However, this also means that if you accidentally process an invoice manually there is no way to “undo” the action and bring the invoice back into the workflow right away - because the invoice has now been archived as if it were transferred to the accounting system.

To return the invoice to the workflow in Ibistic for processing again you will have to do one of the following things:

  • Create the invoice manually in Ibistic
  • Request that the supplier resend you the invoice or resend it yourself.

If you do one of these things the invoice will end up in Ibistic again, ready to be sent out into the workflow for processing once again.

PLEASE NOTE: After the invoice has been processed and is ready for transfer to the accounting system, you will have to make a change to the invoice number before you transfer it.
Because if you let the invoice number remain the same, Ibistic will not allow the invoice to get transferred.
The reason for this is that built into Ibistic is a control for double billing. This control makes sure that you don’t accidentally transfer the same invoice twice. Which means that Ibistic will not allow two invoices from the same supplier with the same invoice number to get transferred to the accounting system.

If you’ve already processed an invoice manually then Ibistic sees that invoice as having been transferred and paid, and Ibistic therefore will not allow you to retransfer the same invoice twice – and If you try, you will get the following message from Ibistic:


The way to avoid the blocking of the invoice transfer by Ibistic is to change the invoice number in the Invoice header in Ibistic before you try to transfer the invoice to your accounting system.

However, you can process the same invoice manually in Ibistic as many times as you want.