Supported operating systems for servers hosting Ibistic Integrations


Ibistic Integrations are based on Microsoft Windows and the .NET ​Framework. Our integrations are only supported on Windows Server versions, i.e. while it might work on desktop operating systems, this is not supported by Ibistic. Ibistic supports versions of Windows Server that are under mainstream support by Microsoft, as well as selected versions that are under extended support. Furthermore,, the operating systems must up-to-date with the latest set of recommended updates offered by Microsoft, as well as with the most recent version of the .NET Framework offered for that Windows version, either offered through Windows Update or as a separate download. Finally we only officially support Windows Server with a desktop experience, i.e. headless versions like Nano and Core are not supported.

For some examples of supported and unsupported operating systems, see the table below, extracted from official documentation from Microsoft on May 31st 2019:

Operating system and version End of mainstream support End of extended support Supported by Ibistic End of Ibistic support
Windows Server Standard 2019 ​2024-01-09 2029-01-09 Yes 2024-01-09
Windows Server Standard 2016​ 2022-01-11 2027-01-12 Yes 2022-01-11
​Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 2018-10-09 2023-10-10 Yes ​2020-10-10​
Windows Server 2012 Standard 2018-10-09 ​2023-10-10 No  
Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 2015-01-13 2020-14-01 No  
Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 2015-01-13 ​2020-01-14 No  
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 ​2010-07-13 2015-07-14 No  


* Ibistic may revise and extend the date for end of support, based on the current technology landscape and installation base.

 ​Note that this is not a complete list and that Microsoft support dates may change. For a complete list, see:​

​When Ibistic does not support the operating system an integration is hosted on, we cannot guarantee that updates or error fixes can be delivered to the integrations. ​​Furthermore, changes on the server end related to e.g. communications security (TLS), may render unsupported operating systems unable to contact our services without prior notice. While Ibistic does not actively hinder executing our integrations past the end of mainstream support date, we expect our customers to keep their platforms secure and up to date. If Ibistic should detect unsecure systems hosting our integrations, we reserve the right to block access from those integrations to our systems, until the systems have been secured.