Deployment notes 2019.05.03


Ibistic Travel & Expense

Cropping and uploading of images

We have now revamped the functionality of uploading photos / receipts from mobile devices, by making it simpler and quicker to use. Previously, adjusting the images - such as cropping the image and adjusting the contrast level - required tapping the screen several times, however that is no longer the case as adjusting contrast is now performed automatically by the Ibistic system, and cropping is optional. The overall image conversion quality has also been markedly improved.







New login screen for mobile devices

The login screen for responsive / mobile view now has a new layout, and should always display a Forgot Password link. Expense customers  on travel, who wish to upload receipts and create settlements from their mobile phones may at any time access this login through



Multiple selection with shift key in list

In responsive view, it is now possible to select multiple items at once holding down the SHIFT key when opening user interface on desktop:




For invoice and expense, we made improvements to the history summary, with improved titles and explanatory texts for when accounting items are merged, and a new Action column which more clearly shows what processing step was performed by the user:




New Report Module

Our report module is available in a new mobile friendly user interface. This has to be activated by configuration, and is for the time being only available in English or Danish language. Ask Ibistic Support if you want to give the new interface a try (at no additional cost).

Here is a preview example of a generated report in the new module:


  1. Generate report.
  2. ”Download Excel”.
  3. Filtering options.
  4. Report summary.
  5. Time stamp for generated report.
  6. Filters currently applied.
  7. Button to activate or hide the filter menu on left side.
  8. Button for opening report in separate browser window.
  9. Print option.


Various other changes & bug fixes


  • It is now allowed to edit cost types allocated from credit card transactions.
  • Various bug fixes for allocated transactions.
  • Travel DK - previously default coding was split into below and above 24 hours rates and separate default coding. Due to complexity of setting this up, default coding for travel allowance is now applied to the whole trip.  


  • The report "Workflow functions and authorized amounts" has several improvements, showing office hierarchy, user settings and authorization limits in one report.