2017-09-28 Fixes and improvements


Deployment notes 28th of September 2017

Fixes and improvements


  • CCTHandler: Bluescreen when archiving 100 + transactions (IRW-30279​)
  • Allocate CCT with foreign currency. Got a reminder of -0,01 DKK (IRW-30303)
  • Attachments: Bluescreen when description was above 255 characters (IRW-30145)
  • Create cost: UK sites that only have costs, and does not use Purpose got a strange error when Purpose wasn't configured (IRW-30297)

 Desktop optimization
  • Button for next/previous page (IRW-30238)
  • ​Add button in empty lists have been moved from bottom right corner to the center. In populated lists, the button remains in the bottom right corner. (IRW-30235​)
  • Grey back ground style around forms to reduce the impression of wasting space. Show input boxes with a frame around the entire box to make the input boxes more visible. Condensed text and condensed lists to get room for more information on the screen. (IRW-30255).

Verification handler
  • ​Legacy code for verification handler is deleted, and hence no longer supported. All customers with verification handler will now get the responsive (mobile friendly) version.

Help texts
  • Showing explanatory texts for Danish travel allowance rates on mouse over (IRW-30330)​ ​

Settlement Default Coding Admin
  • Default coding on archived items looked like default coding on live items (IRW-29957).

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