2017-05-04 Expense improvements and fixes


Deployment notes 04 of May 2017


New Features

Error handling
  • Added support for more error information (error 401, 403 and 404 text description) for when error is in mobile view and there is no Stack trace.

Image handling (upload attachment to settlement)
  • Crop features with improvements on Desktop and Mobile.


Improvements / fixes

  • Fix: Consistent showing of coding applied/not applied on all mobile views for expense.​​​

  • Bugfix: Should no longer give 404 error if the attachment file name contains a '+' sign.

  • Bugfix: Bluescreen when registering a cost with currency GYD on mobile, IRW-29452.
  • Bugfix: Warning about old currency exchange rates was missing on mobile. This is now fixed.
  • ​Bugfix: Exchange rate bug when switching between currencies (old currency used) (IRW-29442)
  • Attendants: Added descriptive text and improved error messages for when a cost requires attendants.

Credit card transactions
  • Bugfix: Credit card transactions fail to auto distribute when the issuer code of the payment type is empty (ICP-29598)
  • Bugfix: Error when trying to allocate CCT when using deleted transaction (ICP-29572)
  • Improved tracking.
  • Mobile view: Changed text on Reject CCT (IRW-29385)

  • Bugfix: Could not load mobile version when entered from desktop view
  • Bugfix: Crash if entered Accept or Approve from desktop view, and worker did not have Settlement Create role (IRW-29419)

  • Translated error message for when template is suggesting a deleted value (IRW-29249)

Mileage Allowance

  • Denmark and Norway: Changed label of optional field "Reason for detour" to "Comment to trip (mandatory for detours)"
  • Norway: Added descriptive text and improved error messages for when a mileage has attendants.

Mouse-over on truncated text
  • Implemented on Accept and Approve ​(IRW-29362)
  • Template for header implemented on all lists (IRW-29202)

Settlement submit
  • Support for blocking "Send to owner for editing and signing" (ICP-29549)
  • Changed text for "Last submit" in Danish and Norwegian in workflow etc. (ICP-29556, IRW-29557)

Side bar mobile view
  • Sorting: Now "Mine" is always first, and if you're a deputy, the rest is sorted alphabetically.
  • ​​Bugfix: Change site redirects to login page instead of site selection page (IRW-29519)

Transfer to ERP
  • Support for administration of automatic transfer of settlements to ERP on Approve (ICP-29514)

Travel Allowance
  • Mobile Bugfix: Scroll bug when selecting time in Travel (IRW-29475​)
  • Norway, ​Bugfix: When changing destination rate type from Norway, to some other country, and back to Norway again. Now, the form is updated, and we hide "Reduced meal allowance" when we go back to Norway, as the meal allowance is not reduced on travels within Norway.
  • Norway, Bugfix: Edit address on Settlement Header does not work when "Address on receipt" is TRUE (IRW-29482)
  • Denmark, Bugfix: Could not create travel allowances that started before 2 in the morning if they started on the same date as in the settlement header due to bad calculation of time zone etc. (ICP-29551)


Deploym​​ent Notes 05 of May 2017


​Settlement Draft
  • Mobile view: Make sure drop down lists works as specified in the design pattern for drop down lists​ (IRW-29534)

  • Attendants: ​Bugfix: Introduced a bug in Deployment 20170504 where it was not possible to add a cost where attendants were mandatory. This is now fixed (IRW-29632)
  • Credit card transactions for allocation: Fixed sorting and some information on the list of credit card transactions for allocation (IRW-29537)

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