2017-04-21 Improvements and small fixes


Deploymen​t notes 21th of April 2017



New Features

• Credit card transactions:
Possible to force that only payment instruments with correct supplier code can be linked to specific transactions (ICP-29223). Previously, if you had one company liability transaction from e.g. DanTaxa, and one company liability transaction from e.g.: SEBkort, both transactions could be sent to the same payment instrument, e.g. called "AMEX company". This is still possible, but now it is possible to prevent that by specifying the supplier id that is on the transaction on the payment instrument. That should be done during implementation.


Changes / Fixes

• Accounting: Bugfix coding line, dimension key, ICP-29493

• Invoice: Improved supplier match for OIOUBL FIK codes (ICP-27277)

• Mileage allowance Norway and Denmark: Changed label of optional field "Reason for detour" to "Comment to trip (mandatory for detours)"​ (ICP-29511)

• Portal > My settings: Fixed wrong label on Cancel button (ICP-29520)​

• Settlement document report: ​Changed workflow step "Last edited" to "Last submit". (ICP-29556)

• ​Quick fix. Editing costs created from transactions bluescreened. Editing any costs with foreign valuta created bad data. We have manually fixed the bad data, and deployed a fix for this bug (ICP-29562)

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