2017-04-05 New features and fixes


Deployment notes 5th of April 2017



  • Desktop version: ​Fixed bug on split of Expense accounting items


  • Mobile version: Address book: Fixed search bug. NB! Address book in RW supports search!
    • Mileage compare To and From location when from address book. We now consider addresses differently, even though only the name is different in the address book.
    • Fixed bug in Google maps: Location wasn't shown in edit mode.
  • Desktop version:
    • Fixed home address in offices and users to be consistent with the other addresses in the solution.


  • Mobile version:
    • New feature: ​Support for cropping images! Version 1, IRW-28631. Implemented in Drafts and Approval. Both if you upload from Create Cost, or the attachment list.


  • Mobile version:
    • If you now edit a cost with an archived cost type, you have to change the cost type to be able to save your changes.
    • It is now not possible to submit or resubmit a settlement with an archived cost type.
    • Mobile phone. Fixed bug on currency exchange rate.
    • Fixed bugs on archived costs.
  • Shared:
    • New feature:​ Support for autogenerating payment instruments on existing users. (Ibistic configuration)

Credit card transactions (CCT)

  • Mobile version: Comment is now mandatory on reject.
  • ​Desktop version:
    • Fixed bug in Credit Card Transactions for processing. If a user has the role "Archive search (own credit transactions)", he could see all personal transactions in the list, even though he should not. This is now fixed.
    • Bluescreen when editing a cost created from a CCT. It is now possible to edit the cost's cost type, coding, description etc. But it is still not possible to edit amount. This means that it is currently ​not possible to split transctions to one or more costs.
    • Fixed bug: Transfer reopened settlement with CCT no longer fails.


Drafts list

  • Mobile version:
    • Fixed bug for users that do not have credit card transactions enabled. Previously it failed.
    • When creating a settlement, we now show a success message on the next view.

Invoice create

  • Mobile version: ​Invoice create is removed from the menu in the side-bar.


  • Lists: Negative amounts are now shown in red in all lists.
  • Sorting: ​Added sorting on Accept and Approve​. Can now sort on columns. Default sorting not implemented.

Offices and users

  • Fixed bug for sites that only have expense and not invoice. Now you should only see functions you actually have on the site.

Secretary bug-fixes

  • Mobile version:
    • Attachments
  • Desktop version:
    • Bug-fix: ​Coding pop-up crashed on create and edit.

Settlement Report Interactive view

  • Fixed bug:  Registration number is now shown only once, and rate is now shown.
  • Fixed bug: Summary of costs of same cost type, but different payment instrument behaviour was shown the wrong way.


  • Mobile version:
    • ​Fixed styles on select
  • Embedded:
    • ​Fixed some modal issues in embedded.

Travel Allowance Norway

Mobile version: ​New feature: First version of Travel Allowance Norway.


  • Shared:
    • ​Multiple bugs in desktop version has been fixed by replacing it with the mobile version.​
    • Fixed bug for when verifier A verifies on behalf of verifier B. Previously, the accounting icons was signed by verifier A on behalf of verifier B. This bug is now fixed. Now, the items are signed by verifier A on behalf of owner C.
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